How to Calculate Maximum CPC (Maximum Cost per Click)

Maximum CPC can be calculated in two different ways:
1) if you have in mind a Maximum CPA, multiply conversion rate by Maximum CPA.
2) if you have in mind a Maximum CPM, divide Maximum CPM by 1000, and then divide the result by CTR.
These are the formulas to calculate Maximum CPC:

Maximum CPC = Maximum CPM / 1000
Maximum CPC = Conversion Rate x Maximum CPA

Example of maximum CPC calculation

If maximum CPM is 10€ and CTR is 7.5% (0,075), then maximum CPC is calculated like this:

Maximum CPC = 10€ / 1000
Maximum CPC = 0.13€

If conversion rate is 5% (0,05) and maximum CPA is 20€, then maximum CPC is calculate like this:
Maximum CPC = 0,05 x 20€
Maximum CPC = 1€

Maximum CPC Calculator

Use our PPC Calculator to automatically calculate Maximum CPC and other Google Adwords metrics.

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