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How to Read Faster: Fast Reading Techniques

Fast reading techniques are designed to increase reading speed up to 300%. To reach this speed, the reader must divide each line in text in two or three parts, called photographs. Each photograph must be read with just one look, which is done by fixing the sight on its mid section and getting the rest of it by using peripheral vision. To facilitate speed reading, use the finger to move through photographs. Ideally, each photograph will be limited by elements that imply the end of a phrase: punctuation signs, nouns and adjectives. It's also necessary to avoid subvocalization.

Fast reading

Traditional reading teaches us to read letter by letter, without using any fingers, which incites eyestrain, more rereadings and more slowness. Fast reading is the opposite: diminishes eyestrain, reduces rereadings and increases speed.

There are many books about fast reading, but I'd recommend Speed Reading For Dummies.

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