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How to Create a Heat Map of Philippines in Google Geocharts

Create your heat map of Philippines immediately in Google Geocharts. Introduce the data for each region of Philippines in the form, press the button "GET MAP", and get the heat map of Philippines at the moment.

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2020-10-18 - Joanne B.

Hello Daniel! Is it possible to change the color to red? Thanks!

2020-10-18 - Daniel Piñero

It is possible. You need to change the source code using some inspection tool, such as Inspector, or you can do a screenshot and color correct the image to change green to red. This last would be faster.

2020-08-10 - Powell

Hello Daniel, is there a way to download the heatmap generated? Or is screenshot the best option? Thank you very much! Great work by the way!

2020-08-13 - Daniel Piñero

I would choose a screenshot. Thanks for your comment.