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How to Create a Heat Map of Italy in Google Geocharts

Create your heat map of Italy immediately in Google Geocharts. Introduce the data for each region of Italy in the form, press the button "GET MAP", and get the heat map of Italy at the moment.

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2015-02-20 - Dai

It seems you've not included Aosta Valley, and thats particularly the data point thst's giving me a lot of problems....

2015-02-20 - Daniel Piñero

Thanks for pointing this out. I've fixed it.

2015-02-26 - Dai

Buy how did you do it? it dosn't work for me since there seems to be no provinces... any clues? i've tried Valle de Aosta and Aosta as a province but i got nothing.

2015-02-27 - Daniel Piñero

There are no provinces in Google Charts, only regions.