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SEO Email Sender


SEO Email Sender is an Excel application for massive e-mail sending in linkbuilding.

From an e-mail model with changing fields, you can send customized e-mails to many webmasters at once, and save hours of manual work. I've been using this for many months, and believe me: it works.

You can send hundreds of e-mails each day, with a success ratio of 7%-10%.

SEO Email Sender runs integrally on Excel, and sends e-mails from the e-mail account currently configured in Outlook. I recommend configuring a Gmail account in Outlook and use it to send e-mails.

Download SEO Email Sender (.xlsm)

How to use SEO Email Sender?

This Excel application has two sheets:

- A database with the e-mail addresses to send the e-mails. This includes the webmasters' e-mail addresses his website's URL, the URL of the website you want to get the link to, the anchor text and the root domain of his website (optional, to create titles such as 'Linkbuilding proposal con', which helps to increase the success ratio).

- An e-mail draft in HTML format, which you can rewrite at will. You should leave between parenthesis, and in the position you wish, the variables that will change inside the body of each email. These are: (url_articulo), (url_destino), (keyword) y (root_domain). Don't change them, since otherwise the application won't work.

Once the database and the e-mail model are ready, press ENVIAR. I recommend not to send all e-mails at once. To avoid the risk of being marked as spam, this application uses a random time which simulates human behavior, so it will ask minimum and maximum minutes that should be waited between each e-mail. As well, it will ask you how many e-mails you want to send from row 1.


- To avoid that Outlook shows you an alert message like 'A software is trying to send an e-mail message...', run Tools > Trust Center > Access through programming > Never alert on suspicious activity.

- Use only an e-mail account expressely created to send e-mails, and the Wi Fi connection of a cybercafe and a library.

- Never use Skype while running the application, since its functioning can be affected.

- Never open other Excel files while SEO Email Sender is running, since its functioning can be affected.

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