How to Run an A/B Test in Adsense

Have you ever asked yourself how a small change in the size of an ad can increase your income from advertising? If you answer is yes, then maybe you're interested in running an A/B test for Adsense inside your website.

Even if it's very hard to run Adsense tests integrated with Analytics, there's a way. Follow these steps and run your first A/B test in Adsense:

1. Create two different ads in Adsense.

2. Insert this PHP in the same place where you want to insert your ad:

$rand = rand (0 , 1);
if ($rand == 0){
   // insert the first ad's code
} elseif ($rand == 1){
   // insert the second ad's code

3. Look at the performance of both ads in the Adsense platform.

4. After a couple of weeks, introduce the data into the A/B calculator of User Effect, and find out which ad is the winner.

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