How to Calculate eCPM in Google Adsense

eCPM (effective CPM) in Google Adsense can be calculated by two different formulas:
1) divide total earnings by impressions, and then multiply by 1000;
2) multiply CTR by CPC by 1000.
This is the formula to calculate eCPM in Adsense:

eCPM = Total earnings x 1000
eCPM = CTR x CPC x 1000
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  1. 2017-09-08

    Thank you for your advice but what is the total earning such as monthly, Daly, or which

    • 2017-09-08 Daniel Piñero

      To get the total earnings from a eCPM, you'll also need the number of impressions. You can calculate any period. eCPM is just an average of that period. In my post "How to calculate total earnings in Google Adsense" you'll learn how to calculate it, over any period of time.

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