Relative URLs vs. Absolute URLs: Which one is better for SEO?

What's better for SEO? Relative URLs or Absolute URLs? Discover which is the best way to write internal hyperlinks for a better SEO.

How to Remove Slashes from the End of your URLs

Learn how to remove slashes at the end of all your URLs with a simple rule in your .htaccess file, and avoid duplicate content with different URLs.

How to Set Cache Expiry Period

Learn how to set cache expiry period and increase the download speed of your website.

Advanced Search Operators - Google

Use advanced search operators in Google to analyze your SEO campaigns, and those of your competitors.

How to Extract a Google Analytics Cookie

Learn how to extract data from Google Analytics cookie and insert it in your MySQL database. Create custom reports by crossing your data with any native DDBB, and get real data about the performance of your online store.

How to View Google's Cache

Learn how to see Google's cache, and discover the last time it has crawled your website. You will also see its appearance and content.

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