How to Detect Mobile Phones in your Website

Learn how to detect mobile users visiting your website, and how to show them a specific page.

How to Use Mozscape API

Learn how to use Mozscape API (old Open Site Explorer) to get metrics from SeoMoz such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, and many others.

How to use Facebook API

Learn how to use the Facebook API to get the number of likes, shares, comments and clicks of any website in Facebook.

How to Add an IP Address to an HTML Form

Learn how to insert an IP address to an HTML form, and know the IP address belonging of the users who send forms from your website.

How to Get Social Authority with Follower Wonk API

Learn how to get the Social Authority of a Twitter account with Follower Wonk API.

How to Block Comment Spam in PHP

Learn how to block comment spam with a simple PHP script, and avoid attacks from spam bots.

How to use a Proxy in PHP

Learn how to use a proxy in PHP to hide any script intended to run on external websites. Anonymize your scrapers, parsers or crawlers in PHP.

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