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How to Create Graphs with Google Analytics API

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Gráfico de Google Analytics APILearn how to create graphs using the Google Analytics API through PHP. Create your own graphs and tables, and get data from Google Analytics in real time.

How to Extract a Google Analytics Cookie


Learn how to extract data from Google Analytics cookie and insert it in your MySQL database. Create custom reports by crossing your data with any native DDBB, and get real data about the performance of your online store.

How to Get a Visitor's IP Address in Google Analytics

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IP Addresses Google Analytics Learn how to get the IP addresses of your visitors in Google Analytics. With an IP address, you can identify each of your users individually.

How to Filter Internal Traffic from Dynamic and Fixed IP Addresses

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Learn how to filter internal traffic from dynamic and fixed IP addresses in Google Analytics.

How to Create Thematic Clusters with Google Analytics API

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Thematic ClustersLearn how to create thematic clusters to organize keywords using Google Analytics API, PHP and RegEx. With this method, you can group and organize the top keywords used by your visitors.