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Advanced Search Operators - Bing


BingUse advanced search operators in Bing to analyze your SEO campaigns, and those of your competitors.

How to Create a Heat Map from Excel

Excel -

Geographic map with heat zonesLearn how to create a geographic map with heat zones from a table in Excel. Download here an example with the map of Spain, or create your own map for any country in the world.

How to Extract Root Domain from URL in Excel

Excel -

Root DomainLearn how to extract a root domain from any URL address in Microsoft Excel 2007/2010, by using this simple formula to clean up URL addresses.

How to Automatize Forms with iMacros


iMacrosLearn how to automatically fill forms with iMacros. Use this Firefox plugin to add you website to many directories as possible in short time.

How to View Google's Cache


Learn how to see Google's cache, and discover the last time it has crawled your website. You will also see its appearance and content.