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List of Countries in Spanish for Google Adwords


List of all the countries of the world in Spanish, in lower cases and with name variations. Create your keywords lists in Google Adwords.

How to Track Cell Phone Calls in Google Analytics


Learn how to track cell phone calls in Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Optimize your Google Adwords and SEO campaigns by adding a conversion code for each cell phone call from your website.

How to Detect 404 errors in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

Web Analytics -

Learn how to detect 404 errors in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Repair these 404 errors and improve your positions in Google.

How to Take Advantage of Limited Budget in Google Adwords


Learn how to take advantage of limited budget in Google Adwords. Obtain more clicks without paying more by reducing the maximum CPC.

How to Calculate Adwords Metrics


Use this calculator to estimate the main metrics of your Google Adwords campaigns. Calculate CPA, CPL, CPC, CTR, conversion rate, clicks, impressions and budget.